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Tuesday, January 16, 2018 -- by Roger A. Sunde Rodents and humans have 24–25 selenoproteins, and these proteins contain the 21st amino acid, selenocysteine, incorporated co-translationally into the peptide backbone in a series of reactions dependent on at least 6 unique gene products. In selenium (Se) deficiency, there is differential regulation of selenoprotein expression, whereby levels of some selenoproteins and their transcripts decrease dramatically in Se deficiency, but other selenoprotein transcripts are spared this decrease; the underlying mechanism, however, is not fully understood. To begin explore the genetic basis for this variation in regulation by Se status in a pilot study, we fed Se-deficient or Se-adequate diets (0.005 or 0.2 μg Se/g, respectively) for eight weeks to the eight Founder strains of the Collaborative
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