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    What are the uses of Halovate?

    Halovate Ointment is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Skin itching, Bleeding of skin, Corticosteroid -responsive dermatoses, Allergic, Corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses and other conditions.
    The complete list of uses and indications for Halovate Ointment is as follows:
    References: 1

    Reviews - Halovate Ointment Uses

    The following are the results of on-going survey on for Halovate Ointment. These results only indicate the perceptions of the website users. Please base your medical decisions only on the advice of a doctor or a registered medical professional.
    The most commonly reported use of this medicine is for 'Skin itching'.
    Use Users Percentile Effectiveness
    Skin itching2
    Corticosteroid -responsive dermatoses1
    Bleeding of skin1
    • Major
    • Moderate
    • Slight
    • None
    • Can't tell
    Participants: 5
    1 out of 1 users report that this medicine is effective.
    Effectiveness Users Percentile
    Does not work0
    Participants: 1

    Halovate Ointment Working, Mechanism of Action and Pharmacology

    Halovate Ointment improves the patient's condition by performing the following functions:
    References: 1


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